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Microgreens, or micro herbs, are small versions of vegetables and herbs usually cut within 14 days of sowing: around when the first true leaf is emerging. 

Microgreens are very tasty, vibrant, and are valued for their vitamin and mineral content which come in a form that your body can readily use.

We supply local chefs and direct to your home.

You pick, we pick, then deliver (or post if you are further away).


Or grow your own! Order a

'Grow At Home' kit and we'll deliver everything you need to grow your own greens at home. It's an allotment on your window sill!

Easy. Delicious. Nutrient dense.


To order choose from either:

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Order a 'Grow At Home' kit and enjoy munching fresh microgreens as you grow. It's an allotment on your window sill!

Order our bestseller - three pots: one Mild, one Spicy and a 'Complete' Mix.


Choose your favourite varieties - mixes or on their own.

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About Us

Lightfoot’s is a small family run farm in the New Forest in Hampshire.

Our backgrounds are in agriculture, community, and international development. We’ve lived and worked in some beautiful countries including Central Asia and the Middle East. But we're now putting down roots in the New Forest and growing something ourselves in a traceable, short supply chain where we can connect with our customers. We believe in beautiful, tasty, truly nutritious food.

Agriculture meets a basic human need. As we grow, we feel connected to those growers we have been inspired by and wired with all around the world. We grow in solidarity and with respect for and with them - knowing that farming can be tough, as well as being a privilege and a joy.


​A common narrative in food supply is that a very few players amongst agri chemical companies, industrial farms, and a few huge retailers are playing hero to an overpopulated world. In fact, the planet has been mainly fed by smallholders and women, with very few inputs, and even 'poor' agricultural land can feed people very well, when understood and cared for skilfully. We believe in diverse food, and a supply chain that is short and connected. Feel welcome to engage with us about how you like to grow, eat, and live, so that we can be part of a more sustainable, alternative economy.


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