'Grow at home' Kit

How does it work? Order a kit to grow your own microgreens at home. Create a garden on your window sill. We can send you an easy to use kit, monthly re-fills, instructions, and ongoing support for you to learn to grow a variety of micros for zero food-miles happiness! 

The 'original' kit 29cm x 55cm so if you'd like to grow on a windowsill, go for a 'narrow' kit which are under 20cm wide.

What's in the kitWe provide everything you need to become a home grower including specialist untreated seed, soil, and support. 


What will I grow? We start you growing with simpler varieties. As you develop your skills we'll send you new varieties and flavours, with their instructions, month by month.


What if I usually kill all my plants? As professional growers we are well placed to support you to have the highest chance of success - send us your photos and questions and we'll help you as you grow. 


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