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Order a kit to grow your own microgreens at home. Create a garden on your windowsill!


Order our bestseller. Three pots: one Mild, one Spicy and a Complete Salad Mix. Chance to taylor to your need.


Pick'n'mix your favourite varieties!

Three pot minimum order. 

'I pride myself on sourcing the best of the best British produce. Microgreens have been hard to come by, but Lightfoot's Farm greens are brilliantly punchy in flavour while still being delicate in size.'
Gizzi Erskine, Chef

Are you a chef or a business?


If you're a chef or business, get in touch with us directly to create a bespoke delivery of microgreens to suit your menu and needs. Contact us for our wholesale prices and to discuss what else we grow. We'd love to visit you with samples to discuss how we can work together.


Fresh... We cut our herbs twice a week and cool and pack them for delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays. 


Bespoke... We are always open to adding growing new varieties or discussing options for dishes, providing samples, and growing to a bespoke harvest point.​ We prefer standing orders and to be growing from seed to delivery with you specifically in mind; but can to cut to order when necessary.

Local... We are proud to supply local restaurants and businesses with our delicious microherbs.