You can grow your own microgreens and have your own garden on a windowsill. They only take a week to three to grow. We can send you a great kit and monthly re-fills, instructions, and ongoing help for you to learn to grow loads of fab different micros for zero food miles happiness! Order in the shop.


We start you growing some simpler varieties and you will develop your skills discovering new varieties and flavours of this nutrient dense super food month by month.

As professional growers we are well placed to support you to have the highest chance of success - send us your photos and questions and we'll help you as you grow. 

Our kit is designed to give you a good amount of greens, which with their incredible nutrition profile is the best way to genuinely contribute to your own nutrition with a home growing kit. You might well decide to chomp through all your greens in a meal! But from a nutrition perspective you could consider a successful grow to provide over twenty portions of microgreens.

Super fresh and the ultimate in 'local' your zero packaging, zero pesticide food will be cut and plated in a moment. Fab for experienced growers for winter greens or 'posh' extras, or for beginners wanting a first successful growing experience.

Feel free to add some fresh cut greens to your order and we'll post them too, straight from our vertical farm in the New Forest.

Using the 'lage' growing kit for the first time

What are microgreens?