Microgreens, or micro herbs, are small versions of vegetables and herbs usually cut within 14 days of sowing: before the first true leaf emerges. As a tiny plant, the new growth is packed with nutrients and they are a great addition to fine dining and to plant based (or any!) diet. A fab way to add structure, colour, or flavour for chefs, or to get our kids, ourselves, and our families eating nutrient packed foods in salads, snacks, sandwiches, lunchboxes, and juices. We grow and sell micro greens from Lightfoot's Farm in Hampshire, and are happy to have visits to chat micros! 


Microgreens, also called micro herbs, are highly nutritious, often containing many times the nutrients of their full grown versions. We don't use artificial chemicals in growing our greens. We enjoy supplying great chefs and food lovers and love seeing them take what we grow to create beautiful and delicious recipes.

Lightfoot’s is a small farm, and by valuing the little we have, we want to maximise what we produce.


At Lightfoot’s we measure ‘yield’ not in calories or kilos but in colours, nutrition, and the pleasure that people get from engaging with us and our products.

We love to hear how children ‘raid the fridge’ for a pot of micro greens and that we are making real, healthy, whole food, super easy!

Our story...

We hope that we can add to our client list - we welcome visitors, and maybe you will feel more a part of our story!

Our customers love local, alternative supply chains, the feeling that they know where their food is coming from, and that they can get something really tasty while enjoying nutrient-dense food as part of staying healthy, investing in and caring for themselves.

We grow from our small farm in the New Forest, Hampshire, and aim to supply as locally as possible.

We are a family business- our backgrounds are in agriculture, community, and international development. We’ve lived and worked in some beautiful countries in the world including Central Asia and the Middle East.

After too many rented homes we’ve finally settled in Hampshire where we have renovated the previously empty Lightfoot’s Farm house, and are enjoying it as a place to rest, work, and play.

Agriculture meets a basic human need. As we grow, we feel connected to those growers we have been inspired by all around the world. We grow in solidarity and with respect - knowing that farming can be really tough, as well as being a privilege and a joy.

A common narrative in food supply is that a very few players amongst agri chemical companies, industrial farms, and a few huge retailers are playing hero to an overpopulated world. In fact, the world has been mainly fed by smallholders and women, with very few inputs, and even 'poor' agricultural land can feed people very well, when understood and cared for skilfully. These smallholders are some of our heroes who we think of as we grow microgreens at Lightfoot's Farm.

Lightfoots Farm, Silver Street, Sway. Hampshire. SO41 6DG