Fresh Cut Microgreens; Or A Home Growing Kit

  • Little by Little

    Every month
    a two pot fortnightly delivery
    • A complete and a mild mix (two pots), delivered fortnightly
    • Change the two pots you receive - just message directly
    • Flexible to hold off a week, or make changes to your order
    • add P&P fortnightly plan if you are out of delivery area
  • A Little Each Week

    Every month
    two pots a week
    • Choose two pots for weekly delivery
    • Change as you go
    • Cancel altogether, or hold off a week when you need to
    • Add p&p weekly plan if you are out of our delivery area
  • Best Value

    Standard Weekly

    Every month
    three pots delivered weekly
    • Three pots delivered weekly
    • 'Complete', 'Spicy', and 'Mild' as standard
    • Change to any three of your choice
    • Flexible: hold off, cancel, or change your order at any time
    • Add p&p weekly plan if you are out of delivery area
  • My Daily Dose

    Every month
    Great value health all week long
    • Five pots delivered weekly
    • Try different microgreens and herbs and find your favourites
    • Mild, Complete, Spicy, Bells, and SunPea as default delivery
    • add p&p weekly if you are out of delivery area
  • P&P weekly

    Every month
    Add for P&P if you're a subscriber out of delivery area
    • Postage and packaging for weekly microgreens deliveries
  • P&P fortnightly

    Every month
    add for subscriptions if you are out of delivery area
    • postage and packaging for your fortnightly deliveries
  • Microgreen Grower

    Every month
    Microgreen kit, monthly seed and soil, expert support
    • Free hand made wooden frame for your grow kit
    • Quality reusable trays and propagator for growing microgreen
    • Monthly deliveries of seed and soil
    • Expert support to help you become a successful grower

Microgreen Grower: grow your own at home.

Fresh Cut Microgreens