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mixed colourful microgreens

nutritious food grown sustainably
delivered direct from the farm

microgreens - camping - nuts

 delicious nutritious microgreens weekly vegetable box deliveries are available

Microgreens are extremely nutritious, beautiful and tasty shoots of vegetables and herbs that are served with everything.

You can have a weekly vegetable box delivery of three mixes delivered directly from us each week for over 10 different varieties of vegetables and herbs right to your doorstep.


Thats up to 15 servings that can be put directly on any meal or packed into any lunch for your family.

Or choose from individual varieties like Broccoli shoots; Cavolo Nero; or Sunflower shoots.

Nourish yourself with something grown especially for you.

mixed microgreens from lightfoots farm
a pot of broccoli shoots

Or choose from individual varieties like Broccoli shoots; Pea Shoots; Cavolo Nero; Sunflower shoots; Basil; Amaranth...


New Forest nuts

Tree nuts are an extremely environmentally efficient way to produce protein. Read our blog post about it here.

Until our own orchards are producing we are selling some direct sourced English and Organic nuts from small growers.

Buy sweet nuts in shell, or pre-order for green and wet nuts to receive a rare treat off fresh nutsduring harvest for fresh eating or pickling.

english walnuts lightfoots farm

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About Us

Lightfoot’s is a small family run farm in the New Forest in Hampshire.

The challenge we have set ourselves at Lightfoot's farm is to produce as much food as possible, sustainably, and with our changing climate in mind, whilst enhancing wildlife and providing a space that people can rest, play, and work.

We sell direct to consumers and encourage engagement to increase tracability and accountability and maximise the portion of revenues going back into the production system where quality and sustainability can be improved.

Our backgrounds are in agriculture, community, and international development. We’ve lived and worked in some beautiful countries including Central Asia and the Middle East.

We believe in beautiful, tasty, truly nutritious food.


Vertically farming microgreens is a way to ensure there is sustainably produced food even in dry and hot, or wet and cold periods. Its a way to deliver huge numbers of portions of vegetables from a small space.

Nut trees are a way to produce high quality protein whilst increasing carbon in the landscape which is great for nature. Nut trees improve water management and soil quality, and are twice as efficient at producing protein than pulses in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, and 400 times better than beef. 

We do post our produce nationally, but our focus is on local sales where traceability and accountability is at its best - a producer connected directly with their customer.


Follow our journey on Instagram for recipes, video tutorials, and for photos of our adventures!

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