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What are microgreens?

Microgreens are small versions of vegetables and herbs cut before or just when the first true leaf is emerging. 

Since microgreens can be 40 times more nutritious than mature veg 5g can be a full portion and this could be the simplest way to increase the portions of veg you are eating.


They are tasty, vibrant, and tend to be gobbled up by children and adults alike.

We supply local chefs and homes directly from Lightfoot's Farm.

You pick, we pick, and then deliver (or post if you are further away).

Easy. Delicious. Nutrient dense.

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To order choose from:

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Order a 'Grow At Home' kit and enjoy munching fresh microgreens as you grow. It's an allotment on your window sill!

Order our bestseller - three pots: one Mild, one Spicy and a 'Complete' Mix.


Choose your favourite varieties - mixes or on their own.

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About Us

Lightfoot’s is a small family run farm in the New Forest in Hampshire.

Our backgrounds are in agriculture, community, and international development. We’ve lived and worked in some beautiful countries including Central Asia and the Middle East. But we're now putting down roots in the New Forest and growing something ourselves in a climate smart system and a traceable, short supply chain where we can connect with our customers.


We believe in beautiful, tasty, truly nutritious food.


Vertically farming microgreens is a way to ensure there is sustainably produced food even in dry and hot, or wet and cold periods.

Although we do post nationally, our focus is on local sales where traceability and accountability is at its best - a producer connected directly with their customer.

We want to produce as many microgreens as our neighbours in Poole, Southampton, and all of the New Forest will eat!

We hope to produce new crops in a climate smart way with direct connections to our customers nearby.


Follow our journey on Instagram for recipes, video tutorials, and for photos of our adventures!