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grow microgreens yourself at home

How does it work? You have two great options! One: order the 'Supported Grower' subscription and you'll get the microgreen grow at home kit and a monthly delivery of seed, soil, and grow mats with instructions and support. or Option Two: order the 'Microgreen Grow Kit' which comes with one grow and add a number of refills separately. For this option you can also come back and buy a re-fill subscription where we send you refills and instructions every month: 'Grow kit refills'.

You'll have everything you need to grow your own microgreens at home. The freshest most nutrient dense vegetables possible on your window sill.

Contact us if you're having problems or questions and we'll try to help.

We choose varieties that are complimentary in colour and flavour and in how they grow - but let us know if you have specific requests.

The large kit is 20cm wide and 72cm long with three crops per grow, Medium is 20cm wide and 49cm long with two crops per grow and Small is 20cm long and 26cm long with one crop per grow.

What's in the kit? We provide everything you need to become a home grower including specialist untreated seed, soil, a grow mat and support: you grow three crops each grow for the large, or two for the medium or one for the small.


What will I grow? We start you growing with simpler varieties. If you buy the 'Supported Grower, then as you develop your skills we'll send you new varieties and flavours, with their instructions, month by month.

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What if I usually kill all my plants? As professional growers we are well placed to support you to have the highest chance of success - send us your photos and questions and we'll help you as you grow.