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New Forest Nuts

Protein production is one of agricultures big challenges and nuts from trees is one of its super tasty and exciting answers. We're producing New Forest Nuts right here at Lightfoot’s for you to order all year round by post, fresh, 'wet', and 'green', or sweet and dry.

Trees improve soils and build resilience in the water cycle, they can cope far better with unpredictable weather than annual crops and are far better than meat when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to help us fulfil our nut tree dreams more quickly, you could even adopt a tree and we'll send you one delivery and use your money to plant and care for a tree. 


Plus... they are delicious and really good for you!

Nuts aren't just for Christmas

17g of walnuts can provide your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of omega-3 oils, snacking on five or so nuts a day could just be a desk habit that does you good.

100g of cobnuts or walnuts provide 30% RDA protein; 40% RDA magnesium and 10% calcium.

100g of Cobbnuts contains 26% of an adult RDA Iron and 30% vitamin B6.

100g of Walnuts contain 16% of an adult RDA Iron and 25% vitamin B6.

We are planting nut trees at Lightfoot’s Farm

As populations increase and weather patterns become more variable farmers are challenged to continue to produce more in a. changing environment.

We think that nut trees are an exciting contribution to reducing the extent of climate change, as well as adapting our production systems to climate change for protein production.

Our land is not suited to cultivating annual crops and was traditionally used for grazing cattle. Although we are omnivores ourselves, we recognise that we can feed far more people and be much better able to cope with climate change by producing protein from trees.

Until our own nut trees are fruiting enough, we are selling English and organic nuts sourced directly from other small growers, our sales help us to invest more in trees to plant here ourselves.

Buy 'dry' nuts all year round for high quality environmentally resilient proteins, or treat yourself to green nuts for eating or processing - buy now and receive during the next harvest July - October.

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