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All the equipment and expert support you need to grow microgreens. Seed and soil for one grow come with your kit, add seed and soil refills for extra grows. The kits are 20cm wide - so check that you have a windowsill or somewhere light to grow on. With the largest kit, 72cm long, you could be harvesting 150g of microgreens per grow in three trays; and the medium, 49cm long, 100g in two - no food miles, no plastic wrappers! The small kit is a one tray kit 20cm wide and 26cm long. You'll be harvesting from one week to three after sowing. Instructions will come for refill kit but check our videos and seed packets too. We want to share our love of growing and help you become a successful growers of your own super fresh extreemly nutritious veg all year round.

Microgreen Grow Kit

  • the small kit refill is one seed, soil, and grow mat; the medium is two; the large is three. We arrange them so that they compliment each other in how they are grown. Some are easier than others.

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