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For each purchase we will plant, protect, and care for a tree here at Lightfoot's farm and send you 500g of UK grown nuts to an address of your choice with a card during harvest 2023.


'tell me a bit more about nuts'


If you would like to gift your adoption then please offer up to 30 words of text for a card that we will post to them.


This is a chance for us to work together to change our landscape in a way that will both protect it, and prepare us for the more variable and less certain weather patterns that we're all experiencing.


Thank you for helping us to capture carbon and producing proteins well into the future at almost 300 times the efficiency of animal proteins!

Adopt a tree, recieve 500g of nuts

  • Please provide delivery name and address for your 500g of nuts and up to 30 words for a gift note.

     If you select additional deliveries you may provde additional names, addresses, and text for each 1kg package.

    Nuts will be delivered the following season to your order, e.g. autumn 2022 orders in late summer onwards 2023.

    You can send by email if needed, please provide an order number.

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